wetting agent

ABH Biochem manufacturing wide range of Wetting Agent Zero Foam Wetting Agent, Anionic Wetting Agent, on Ionic Wetting Agent etc. our most pauler products detals as below:
ABWET LF 60 is a highly concentrated emulsifier cum wetting agent. It is recommended for scouring process. It removes all natural as well as added impurities from cotton and improves the absorbency of fabric.
ABWET LF 60 is a biodegradable linear alcohol derivative with emulsifying and dispersing action necessary for the removal of oily and waxy contamination from textiles.

The most outstanding effects of Americos ABWET LF 60

  • Excellent scouring agent with good wetting and detergent action
  • Removes oily contamination and sizes of all types producing a high degree of purification and absorbency
  • The good enzyme compatibility and good wetting and detergent action allow its application in all enzymatic-desizing processes
  • Its good stability over the entire pH range ensures its versatile application encompassing desizing, scouring and bleaching